Bully Control - Power to Change the World

Get ready to be completely moved, while captivated like never before. The wonderful world of Samuel B. Sensible will entertain, and inspire change within the heart of each and every reader’s life forever!

  Samuel B. Sensible is no super hero with special powers or magic wands, but his sheer courage and compassion for others alone makes him somewhat super.

  He’s just our average everyday kid who’s far from average in a world where everyone’s having trouble just being their self. What makes this little guy uniquely special? Samuel simply knows how to just be Samuel.

  Ready to take on the fourth grade and everything that comes along with it including three of Bayside Elementary school’s biggest bullies ever, Samuel B. Sensible has a plan, but not just any old plan. Samuel puts together what he calls THE PLAN OF ALL PLANS, his MASTER PLAN.

  Armed with the support of his four best friends without their knowing, will Samuel perfectly well thought out plan work in helping him single handedly bring peace to Bayside Elementary School while maintaining complete focus in Miss Shush’s classroom?

  Rumor has it that she’s the meanest teacher to ever walk the hallways of Bayside Elementary.

  So while Samuel divides his time between focusing in class, sports and helping Bayside Elementary School see some serenity without the Bayside Bullies. His parents on the other hand are secretly facing a life changing crisis that will truly turn Samuel’s world upside down.

  Volume one, Bully Control – Power to Change the World. Step into reality, into a world that just may be the biggest bully of all. Watch as real world events occur in Samuel B. Sensible’s life as he takes control of the power within his heart, and transform the world around him.

Bully Control volume one-Power to Change the World Chapter 2.pdf (612,9 kB)

Volume two-The Sensible Move

Volume three-When Life hands you Lemons

Volume four-The Weight of the World

Volume five-California here we come

Volume six-Being Bobby B. Badly