Hi everyone, I'm P.L. McCray and Welcome to my World.

All of my passion when writing, is driven by a strong desire to help kids worldwide through inspiring stories. The ultimate vision that I have for the wonderful world of Samuel B. Sensible, is to truly captivate young reads at an early age, I would love for reading to become an outlet.

As a child who struggled with dyslexia, story time was somewhat a love hate affair. On one hand, I was completely swiped away by the various stories read to the classroom. While at the same time tremendously terrified that my name could be the next one called upon to read.

I believe that stories can contain real power. The kind of power that could even motivates some of the most introverted children into breaking out and believing in his or her self. The Wounderful World of Samuel B. Sensible truly containes the kind of power that can significantly make a life changing difference in the world.

So currently I'm working on the World of Samuel B. Sensible. This is an enormous intellectual property (IP) that consists of 25 books broken down into three uniquely interweaving series to cover all childhood age groups.

Samuel, the book series main character will be able to grow up right along with kids. They’ll learn together how to believe in one’s self, courage, hope, and compassion for others all while joyfully developing the essential elements of reading.  

For a brief glimpse into the life of Samuel B. Sensible, take a look at volume one, Bully Control - Power to Change the World. Simply follow the books link within this website, and I hope you enjoy the video posted right below.




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11/09/2017 00:00
The Bullying Stops Here! We can all help, visit the, stopbullying.gov web site to learn about ways that you too can be sensible like Samuel and help out someone in need. We can all be somewhat spectacular in the lives of other every day by simply standing up, so stay conected and see just how...